March 31 overnight Fire 🔥🚒🔥

Many waking up thought it may be an April fools prank but alas no. 

The Holiday Park ship, named Orchard City II which has been at the entrance of the park on Hwy 97 & Commonwealth Road was destroyed in a fire.

The boat had quite the history including sinking during a storm in 1948 and remained at the bottom of the lake for 30 years.  It is an interesting read.

Here is the fire report.

All that remains 😭😡😭

We see this on the way to my surgery appointment.

March 30, Peachland

Big appointment week …  some more fun that others.

Tuesday = fun:  We meet up with Doris & Kevin in Peachland.   We were going to meet in our park and head to Gray Monk Winery, Dilworth Mountain, then to Freddy’s for a pint and bun.   But Dr. Bonnie paused the in restaurant dining so can’t do the winery or lunch.

The change of venue ended up  being so much fun.  We walked around the lake,no photos but did see this!Fortunately those are our guy up there, still upright!

We dined at Gasthaus Pub.  The owner was at his witts end as the halting of in restaurant dining came in effect so quickly. Restaurants had already stocked for the Easter weekend.  I’m glad we do not own a restaurant.

The charming waitress said say “Schnitzel” Lunch was delicious.

My next appointment, today, is with Nissa.  Current issue – cracking jaw.  Super duper annoying, crack, crack crack.

Still have time before Nissa so we head to what TripAdvisor says is the #1 thing to do in Peachland.  Hardy Falls.

Walk to the falls

And there it is!  Thought it would be a little larger

Posing with the falls.

Adventure done, it’s time to say

Doris & Kevin are heading back to Ontario leaving mid April.  We all hope the “meet again” will be in Arizona!

Back in Kelowna we walk to the lake awaiting appointment time. I

Nissa worked her magic and I now have homework.  Tomorrow’s appointment is an eye exam.  I had lens replacements a few years ago, not checking for vision but overall eye health.  Then the dreaded Thursday’s appointment is dental surgery. Thursday, April Fools Day.  Not looking forward to that.



March 28; Destination = Myra-Bellevue Park

Let’s see how today’s adventure turns out.  We never did find the last provincial park we set out to find.  That trip was the first time Bob’s GPS said “I’m sorry”.  It kept trying to send us in circles.

Getting there, we think, didn’t anticipate the last 8km being on a dirt road.

We didn’t even consider there would be snow ☃❄

Made it!   

18 Trestles  

Too much snow     

How far will we make it?

We are motivated as we do have a reward when we get close to our 10k daily steps. 

This pass was to be a tunnel but the rock was too flaky.It’s difficult to walk without slip sliding away but we endure and make it to the first trestle.You can see through the planks to the gorge below.  Allan braves it!  I would have but had to take the photos (if you believe that’s the reason… )  Don’t look down!!!

Trestle 2!    And I’m out, no snow in this area but so windly & cold.                “Let’s go back, PLEASE”.  Happily back at a very diry Bob. There are a few cars, everyone we passed in the trail had only runners-seems no one thought of snow.

Down we go 

For those keeping track we didn’t earn our reward as we only managed to get about 3k steps.  We did however, pass a dirt mogul park for bikes.  We’ll stop there a get a few more steps.  They have beginers, intermediate and expert runs.  

On the side they have a dirt slide.  The kids were having such fun.

We walk down the paved trail and encounter…

Walk further and we spot these 2 panning for gold

Turns out we stumbled upon   

Steps are easily obtained and it’s not long will we have our reward!

Bob doesn’t like being dirty …………………. we get him cleaned up


March 27 finally here! Tim Nutt day

Tim Nutt, comedian, is doing a show in Lake Country.  The show has a twist!  It’s a stay in your vehicle event  First ever in this park, parking lot! While waiting for Allan I hear a loud roar, out the window but what do I see??   “Allan, hurry come see”  This is the loudest, most black, largest plane we’ve seen.  Military?  They would not be able to sneak up on anything.

Out on our walk, we spot the ideal Jeep to duck.  This Jeep is a real “Jeeper”

He even has the Jeep wave sticker.

Duck #27

Leaving the park we see this vehicle

Onwards… Entering the park              the instructions   

When purchasing ticket they did ask to not come in large vehicles or with roof racks.   This “wanker” is, apparently, exempt Exciting, a live performance   

       The stage

The act..  whoops that video didn’t make this is all I got  Ending

Back at Bailey, yahoo the awning lights work!

Fire time!

My fire god!!  A wonderful end of a day 🙂

March 25th

Blue Ox tow bar is rusting, shouldn’t be.  Allan calls, they agreed to send us a new bar, but they are in the States.  Will we be faced with cross border duty and taxes.  We also have to hire someone to re&re.

We decide to try some Tremglad Rust Paint.  Off we go to get a wire brush, paint brush and paint.   No they do not reimburse these expenses,  grrrr

I’m reading the paper so Allan hunkers down on his new stool from Amazon to paint.

Hum “Allan, what happened to the back of your sweatshirt?”The stool was not ready to be mounted and bucked Allan.  Stone dust, galore! I pretty pleased Allan do a reenactment, for some reason he refused.   (only his pride was injured)

Helicopters were the halfway act during Allan’s painting performance

Very nice!

Allan being so hands on today opts for Keto Pizza for dinner 🙂


Can you solve this?










Install “Fattened” Cushion Day!

03/19 – We’ve been using the caption’s chairs to eat, using our laps as tables and well as our game playing.  We want our chairs back, Allan called and we found out the diningroom chairs are ready but they are still awaiting foam for the couch.  Happy to have chairs for the weekend.  Balance should be back by Wednesday.  Ta da…  They are so much more comfortable.03/24 – We get the call, they will be here by 3.

The installation begins                                         

Cushion one done!         

   On the the second one

Allan is happy, see his 🙂 

They repaired the tears in their shop, came out well.  Looks better in person.


Lazy boy next       

Morgan is repairing the rip in the chair. Quite the supplies

Dabbing stuff on 

     Using the dryer

The process took about an hour, didn’t turn out as well as the love seat.     

Celebrating with dinner!  Allan used a new tenderloin recipe.  It’s a keeper


The absolute best part of today though…


Days of March

  We are getting there, 11h57m daylight

Today is Allan’s eye appointment, but first duck #24.  Bet you can’t guess what store we are at  🙂


Eye appointment done, new frames ordered.  Will take 1 to 1-1/2 to arrive.  Allan’s guessing Monday the 22nd my guess Wednesday the 24th.

March 17 = 12h of daylight

This is the way some people roll!

Jury is out.  Which Smoking… does Allan likes best…

Monday the 22nd – Big Kelowna day! Have put off picking up odds & sods long enough, today’s the day.

  Breakfast @ Jammery
  Safeway Liquor
  Dollar Tree

Jammery, a breakfast/lunch place 5m from home.  We’ve been wanting to try it out, but Allan’s breakfasts are so good…

I opt for something Allan would not make,  Allan has                     

Breakfast Paella Real lobster, real crab, real scallops and real shrimp tossed in a pan with our tarragon lemon butter and oven roasted hashbrowns. Topped with two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce then sprinkled with paprika and green onion. Served with two slices of toast and Jammery Jam. Chorizo Toss   Sliced chorizo sausage tossed in a pan with onions, peppers and our oven roasted hashbrowns. Two poached eggs with hollandaise sauce and green onion on the side. Served with two slices of toast and Jammery Jam. The chorizo has some heat but doesn’t burn.

Both dishes were featured on Food Network Canada TV show                        “You Gotta Eat Here!”

Allan made a friend     

Breakfast done, we be off but first – there is a red Jeep parked near the back we see whenever we drive by.  Must be an employee, also a great ducking opportunity.   Duck #25

Safeway Liquor is beside Walmart;  we divide and conquer.  I head into Walmart; Allan Safeway.

Allan is back to Walmart in no time (mission not successful, didn’t buy anything).  He did manage to do another ducking #26.   Our first maroon Jeep.We got most of what was on our Walmart list.  On to the Dollar Tree for “Awesome Oxy Cleaner” which truely is awesome!  Wanted a pencil sharpener but the only one they had was too cutesy, hence the next stop at Dollarama.  They had a sharpener but also a huge line up so we bail.

Freddy’s, we will never bail on a growler refill.  Success!

Tomorrow will be Lake Country day to pick up what we failed to get today.

Yahoo! Fattened up the cushions day!!

March 15 – Our couch and kitchen/dining room chair cushions are so squishy we have been sitting on pillows to plump them up.  We’ve tried to find a company who could remedy that, finally we are successful.  Steve of FiberRenew came by last week to view and quote.  Today is pick up day to get her done!!

The removal…

Couch/Sleeper cushions came off easily, I was concerned they won’t.  

The lazy boy, not so easily  Must remove top to get it out


     Add this is the heaviest chair ever! 

A little more spacious with reduced furniture.   

     Hurry back