Another travel day, or is it?! October 26, 2022

Today’s drive from Moapa to Lake Havesu is about 3-1/2h, circle check done, head down the street to hook up Bob. Off we go…

Not so FAST… Allan abruptly pulls over saying we’re too hot! The serpentine belt is no longer in one piece, there it is on the ground and fluid is leaking.

Allan on the phone with Coach Net, our road side protection folks

First time we had to use our triangles. Allan suited up, with his, free to him from 407 ETR when we got their transponder. At least we are safely off the road.

RECAP of the day

944a:   Breakdown. Dash lights going nuts, stop! Serpentine belt not serpentining

951a: Allan calling Coach Net, road side assistance

426p:   Tow truck arrives, happy but it’s 2h earlier than they said it would arrive (a 7ish hour wait) We had just started making dinner, no small feat with all the slides in, I rush to put the cooking chicken pieces and condiments away.           


Meet Peter, our very cool, totally dry humored, tow truck driver

445p: Getting closer to being hooked

446p: Flying a bit

448p: Trying to hook up air from the tow to Bailey so it will be a smoother tow. Not going so well!

A Winnebago/FB friend, Scott, helped us through many challenges today with his insight. On we go..

510p: More than one way to skin a cat! What doesn’t work in the front will work in the back. Allan is tossing the airline to Peter, success after the fifth toss

517p: Got the air ride funneled from the back. Tying it up on the front

520p: Peter wants us on the other side of the road to finish the hook up so off we go. Bailey’s first tow

523p: On the other side of the road

528p: Almost ready to go

539p: Removing axel for tow

552p: Lights on

606p: (approx 1-1/2 to hook up) we are on our way

706p: At Volocity Freightliner

721p: Peter unhooking

933p: Booked a room at Luxor, Las Vegas. We stayed there after we married almost 28 years ago. It was a little nicer then but the food was good

A stressful day comes to an end! Goodnight all!

4 thoughts on “Another travel day, or is it?! October 26, 2022”

  1. Don’t you just hate waiting for the tow truck that takes forever to get there. What made you decide to go to Velocity?

    1. Velocity is a Freightliner dealer as well are part of the Oasis Dealer Network meaning they have dedicated service bays & specially trained technicians for motorhomes. Even the service advisor does nothing but motorhomes.

  2. I used Good Sam last week, I was dead in the water in the middle of the street. The 1st tow service was in Twisp, Wa. and couldn’t get there until 2 AM. You’re kidding right? The next was 3 blocks up the street, silly rules for road service, eh? Chelan, Wa.
    Only 2 hours, much better than your 7.
    I’m happy with their service.
    P.S. I know about unhooking the drive-shaft, never heard about the axles. Something new?
    Have fun, hope things ride smoother.

    1. Not sure about new or not, tow truck driver said he could do either but was worried about securing the driveshaft so chose the axe option.

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