Dec 11 & 12, 2021 Decorate tree

Heading to Kyle & Megan’s today to decorate the tree. But first our advent calendar opening

Allan’s second Dragon gift, a koozie

Only a little white knuckle with the pooling

Decorating time. goes quickly with 4 people actively participating

Whoops forgot the star, the falling star

Dec 12th

Go home day but will this weather ever co-operate. The Malahat Summit is challenging this time of year. Google maps drive time is 3h, should take 1.15m. Do we go or do we stay? While attempting to decide Kyle & Megan hook us up to VR, a first for us. It was fun but i’d rather just live in reality! Allan played the sit down, driving game a bit too long and became queasy.

Google now says 1.39m. Off we go..

It goes from this


and we’re stopped…

Made it home safely, fire time!

Love our new wall art…

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