On the road again, May 23, 2024

We’re hoping to make up time so I’m up at 5; Allan at 6. We manage to get our stuff done, pack up for travel and are on the road at 720.

We have to be in Detroit on May 30th for the Indy race.  Bailey can’t come to that race so we’re leaving her at an RV park in Milwaukee, sounds crazy but we have no interest in maneuvering Detroit with Bailey.

Back to today…it poured over night we hope that trend doesn’t continue.

809a Raynesford, MT dreary not raining 

919a Lewiston

932a Then the rain started       

     1012a The fog

Got sick of taking rain photos

1144a   Then we got stuck, for too long, behind this oversized load107p Couldn’t resist just one more rain photo213p   Miles City a passing pick up threw a rock, Bailey’s windshield now has 3 cracks.  Two together and another we don’t know when we got. When we’re somewhere for a few days we’ll try to get a mobile glass company,

We reached our destination at 922p.   Walmart Jamestown!  13 hours 644miles/1036km.  We are not fans of such big days, but hey we are adaptable!

Tonight, thanks for letting us stay Walmart Jamestown, ND!   It’s pouring again and the winds are so bad we opted to only take out the bedroom slide.  Bailey is rocking!

Tomorrow destination may prove scary or undoable

Didn’t want to jinx it but Bailey seems to be back to her old self!  We do have a new rattle coming from the front passenger side, umm whatever can that be?

Are we still enjoying this adventure?? 



4 thoughts on “On the road again, May 23, 2024”

  1. Indeed, thanks for a Walmart that lets you stay! We recently experienced NOT being allowed to stay in a Walmart Supercentre in Salem, VA after a long day of driving. We always go inside to confirm their policy. Ended up driving until 8:00pm and then pulled into a truckers travel centre which we were very grateful for; even with so many idling motors around us all night. We are always grateful for an “uneventful” trip (without motorhome issues). Wishing you more uneventful days.

    1. Hi, we knew it was going to be a long day, making up time from our breakdown, so called ahead to make sure we could overnight. We were the only motorhome, there were at least 6 tractor trailers overnighting.

      We’ve haven’t overnighted at a travel center yet, thanks for mentioning the idling motors.

      Thank you for the good wishes. Safe, uneventful travels to you 🙂

  2. Wow! We had wicked weather on Wednesday. Most of Ontario lost power and we got several tornado warning. We thought for sure that some of our trees would come down but luckily none did. Some neighbours weren’t as lucky.
    Very wise decision to not try to navigate Detroit.

    1. Great you didn’t suffer any damages. The weather everywhere is crazy, it’s been raining hard so far today as well.

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