Par-A-Dice Casino, East Peoria June 21, 2024

Today’s outing is to the casino that’s 13 minutes away.  Catchy name, Par-A-Dice

As a first for us, the casino is a separate building from the hotel

Another new to us, the casino is in a ship! Allan’s slot machine 

We each gamble $20 when it’s gone it’s gone.   Who parlayed their $20 to $80??  Not me ☹️

Snack time!

What’s that???   A robot delivering food to tables, never saw this before.  It’s made right here in Peoria by Pringle Robotics.  This model is the “Puductor

Brings to food to the table, waiter unloads                   Heads back to the kitchen

Another order 

This is a flash back to the Road America Race on June 9th

Bailey is a TV STAR!!  Spot her?


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