Thursday, June 27, 2019

Finally! Bailey pick up day! Sicards claim the repairs are all complete. We doubt it but are so anxious to get Bailey to the park.

Uber picks us up at 6am. It’s amazing how we normally get their worst drivers. This guy thought it was appropriate to drive at or below the speed limit in the fast lane.  While crossing the Burlington Skyway Bridge a pissed off driver decided he should let the Uber know the error of his way and cut us off so close we thought this was it.

Now at Sicards and of course everything is not done. To avoid another meltdown, I won’t recount the issues but we didn’t leave until 12:45 with still not everything done, 53267km.

We head to Newmarket through all the traffic, traffic, traffic…

Make it to Newmarket to load Bailey up, get fuel. Side story:  I’m parked off to the side in my vehicle waiting for Allan to fuel and decide to take a photo of Bailey.  The black tow truck had just pulled in to wait at the side for his next tow.  He sees me taking the photo and pulls up to me and asks “Why are you taking my picture?” Guilty of being more than a

Arrive in Sutton 430ish.  Our spot is very tight to back in to, a few wiggles and we’re in. This is one of the warmest days so far. The heat makes setting up a bit slower, but we get it done.

Final setup…the flag 😊

Now chillin and campfire time.

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