What to do today, February 09, 2024

Our roof top discussions of what to do    PEDIS!

Off we go for a 30 m walk to “The Nail Bar” 490 pesos ($38.68 Cdn) for a pedi with polish 430 ($33.94 Cdn) without.  PV, is certainly not an inexpensive place anymore.

Preparing for the pedi…The tap that fills the basin with water is so slow they supplyment it with water boiled in kettles.  They use a heat rod to heat the basin.

She’s preparing to insert the heat rod                     Pouring from the kettle

Filled it’s on to the pedi…

Drying the base coat                                                   Applying the first coat

Preparing for Allan.   Here’s the heat rod in action again..Almost done                                                        Oh no, a chopped head!!

All done!    Back to the condo we go….

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