1st Camping Trip of the season, April 29, 2024

  The day of our first trip of the season has arrived!!

Bailey is welcoming us, think she said “It’s about time!”

Bob’s hooked up, had an issue with the driver’s side light hook up on Bob, WD40 to the rescue. A replacement cable is on order.

Leaving storage 

Where to??  A whooping 16 min (11.1 km) drive to Lethbridge KOA!  We call this our “shake down” trip.

Heading to our site                                                     Our site   🙂

Our view of Oldman River from the captain seats.  You gotta look real hard!

Please note the changing skies.

When we booked our site on Saturday the weather was supposed to be OK.  Maybe rain but wanted to have time to repair/get parts in for anything that may need it so decided we’d live with the possibility of rain,

Once we got settled in they changed to forecast to…  On well, we’re here now and know it’s important to do the “shake down” after Bailey was in storage all Winter and with the recent battery replacement and the work done we think it wise to do a quick trip to make sure everything works as it should, fill our water tank, and we have all the supplies, pots, dishes, cleaning stuff, etc that we’ll need. This is the list in progress.   

The generator has been serviced but it still doesn’t always start.  We’ll need it for many of our locations so it has to work all the time!  We have Bailey scheduled to go back to Diesel Tech when we leave here.

It gets way messy before better!                        The fridge is cleaner than ever!

Our welcoming committee                                              I count 6

Liz, introduced us to “King’s Cribbage” and we’ve been addicted ever since.  Our first on Bailey game.  3 games played, 2 wins to me 🙂 

My “Pit Master” creating goodness!

Predicted snow has not hit yet and the winds have died down!  Fire time

We called the fire when it started to rain, (better than snow) again.

How much snow will we wake up to?

May 01st:  How is it May already??  We’re a little frightened to look out – this is what we see!   Yahoo, the forecast was wrong again.  There are a few flakes mixed in with rain hopefully none will stick till we get Bailey to Diesel Tech. We decided to leave earlier than anticipated in case the snow didn’t want to quit.  We arrived at Diesel Tech at 918a.    Looks like Bailey’s neighbour is a little tipsy!Fingers crossed this fix is cheaper than the last one, but pretty sure it isn’t going to be.

It was very wise of us to do this “shake down” outing as it turns out not only the generator needs help so does our water pump (that is serviced by Back Country RV).  2 things we need when “boondocking” are of course the generator & water pump,

Our next good decision was to drop off early as this is what happened next; snow did make it here.

Stay tuned

4 thoughts on “1st Camping Trip of the season, April 29, 2024”

  1. The test run was a great idea. Hope the repairs go smoothly.
    Dropping Bailey off before the snow got worse was so smart.
    And her neighbour is tipsy!

    1. Turns out it was a better idea that we first thought it would be!!

      Thanks for reading 🙂

      1. 2032 cr batteries are in our supply, always so, check out always pays ($$$) off. That list is far too long, keep up the spirit and well travelling now, and always

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