Another day, another campground, June 17, 2024

The drive was fun cause we weren’t always on major highways.  It was windy but Allan got it done 🙂 We are in a “heat dome”, first time we have heard this term.  What is it?? A heat dome is a weather phenomenon where a high-pressure area is formed in the atmosphere, which traps hot air beneath like a lid traps air in a pot. The pressure pushes air down into a hotter, dome-shaped mass and prevents the milder weather systems from moving through.

Most everywhere we go we hear “this is not usual for this time of year”.  This normally means it’s friggin cold, rainy, windy.  This time is “it’s not usually this hot”

Current temp

7 day forecast 

Back at the campground; strangest one yet.  No site numbers, the host guides you to your site and no rules sheet.

Our view from the captain seats 

Our walk around the camp grounds.              This photo has a deserted boat

T’is nice here

The beach

How ever did this monster ship get on land?  Tomorrow, downtown – we think 🙂

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