April, first half 2021



Lady bug ducked!       

April 09 –     

Cute birds, right… These birds have been tormenting us for what seems like months. They coo and coo and COO!
We fall asleep, wake up to the cooing and it continues most of the day.
They nap between 4 & 7p to ensure they can serenade us for the remainder of the time.
They are normally in the tree next to Bailey but occasion visit Bailey’s roof  so they can not only serenade but also make bird walking roof sounds.  Can’t imagine how much poop is up there.
Birds = Relaxing soothing sounds = BULLSHIT!!
Another under our belt! 
April 15 –  Ducking continues #31 & #32…               
GPS is registering 20c for the first time!
Hum, high school 2021 AD.  Uncanny! 
             April 16,  Friday – our 1st Vaccine Day
Smiling in these photos, I’m not so smily the next day.  In a nutshell I felt like a Mack truck hit me.  Very fluish and my arm was so sore, I couldn’t lift it for 2 days.
Allan faired better, he had a mild headache that an Advil quickly took care off.
Have to believe this brings us closer to “normal”.  I know normal will not be normal again but….
April 17
Not going to let feeling like shit stop me today, off we go for a walk at Wood Lake.  First another duck!                                       Such clear, blue skies

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  1. What a beautiful picture at the end….. and mite I suggest an ultrasonic sound generator for the birds? As I understand it they hate it, you could put it on top of Bailey and at least get rid of that problem 🙂

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