December 10 – get stuff repaired day

First up!  Happy Camper at 9 to install the recently received electric reel replacement.  All goes well with the install!  Entire ordeal approx $1600.

We dash out to run a few errands then back to wait for the Maytag repairman.  Our freezer has been forming ice where no ice should be, it then melts and leaks out onto the carpet under the fridge.  Who was the who puts carpet under a fridge?

Any how, we play crib waiting for the repair guy.  Scheduled for 2 – 4p.  He, rather they, arrive at 345.

As Allan’s research revealed and Tyler confirmed, the issue is a blocked drain.  How to get to it?  The fridge is bolted in for travel.  They remove some bolts from the bottom but that doesn’t help.  There is a hatch outside, but like most hatches in Bailey it is very, very tight.  They check it out, no won’t work.  Back inside, can’t access either.  Back out, he  pulls a contortionist move    and victoriously pulls the offensive plug!  Didn’t actually see it but he did show us the plug.

Now for our homework:  Remove everything from the freezer, unplug it (plugged in behind the fridge so that isn’t an option) fortunately Allan knows where the fuse is,  use a hair dryer to melt everything.  Better yet leave the doors open all night.  Once we’re sure all is melted, confirm the door gasket is securely in place.  Tyler says we will never again have a freeze up problem.

We also have a gremlin who keeps trying to get out of the fridge.  He knocks 4 times, this happens throughout the day & night.  It used to wake me up.  Tyler doesn’t know what that is, try to record it he suggests.  Like we never thought of that!  We hope the defrosting trick will finally allow the gremlin to leave.

Thought for the day…


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