Dinner & Show Night! January 31, 2024

But first, off to Pitillal to find a barber to make Allan beautiful!  He’s looking a little like a hippy.  We walk the 40m to this small town and find a barber.   On the way we pass a yard filled this individually caged roosters.  We have learned these roosters are for cock fights.  Sad but that still happen here. 

    Pretty bushes along the way

The art of beautication has begun 🙂  No more hippy, just ☮️&                                         150 pesos, 200 with tip; $15.65 Cdn

Walking back, how would you like this job??Chill at the condo play a game of cards and off to dinner we walk.  This walk is about 1h  We will be happy for dinner and a REST!  Made it to El Granero a brewery and pizza joint.  I of course, didn’t have pizza but rather a super delicious Stuffed Portobello, Shrimp & bacon.  Allan had the Pork belly pizza , BBQ sauce, red onions, jalapeños, “sin” pineapple with a local amber beer .  Isn’t he beautiful!!  My portabello photo came out blurry, guess I was too anxious to devour it

A typical street heading to Hedda Lettuce

The magazine in the waiting to enter area, guess which tour Allan was in for?What I didn’t know, or even heard of (guess I live a sheltered life) is this is Bear Week.  Yep! I thought it had to do with bears.  Allan did the “oh Mary-Ann look”

Bear weeks in the world, will take place in Puerto Vallarta Mexico from January 28th to February 4th.

What’s a bear (when it’s not a bear?)  In gay culture, “bear” is a term for men who are large, hairy, or both. The bear concept can function as an identity or an affiliation, and there is ongoing debate in bear communities about what constitutes a bear.  Moving on..


A fun day!!  Steps galore

Who is Hedda Lettuce?? Hedda is the stage name of Steven Polito, Lettuce was born 1968 (56 years old) as Steven Polito in New York City and raised on Long Island. an American drag queen, comedian and singer who lives and works in New York City. Polito debuted his character Hedda Lettuce in 1991 on the Manhattan Cable TV show The Brenda and Glennda Show. Lettuce’s appearances include MTV, Comedy Central, The People’s Court and a cameo on Sex and the City as Samantha’s ex-beau turned Bingo Drag impersonator. 

Lettuce was a model and client of Stephen “Suede” Baum during a challenge in the fifth season of Project Runway.  On the set Hedda had several disagreements with Suede, especially over his not designing gloves for her, which caused Hedda to call him “lazy”.

This led to designer Jerell Scott using the name “Hedda Lettuce” as a term for a model that is hard to work with.

If you are ever in PV, strongly suggest taking in this show!

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