Drumheller, AB July 08, 2022

Today we got intimate with “Tyra”, The World’s Largest Dinosaur  For $5/person you enter her bowels!

106 steps, up, up we go! Steps change direction, go right, go left, go straight.

For those who read the Royal Tyrrell Museum outdoors post, that stair count was 106 as well

The view from Tyra’s mouth!

For certain 106 steps deserves a reward!!

Down we go….

From the ground

Tyra’s stats:

Conceived:  October 02, 1999 Born:    October 06, 2000

  • 86 ft (25 meters) tall
  • 106 stairs to climb to the top
  • 12 People can fit in the mouth at a time
  • 4.5 times bigger than a real T-Rex
  • 151 feet (meters) long
  • 65 tonnes (145,000 lbs) in weight
  • She cost $1,065,000.00 to build

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