February 25th, 2023 and back!

Feb 19th –   Allan made us a delicious dinner!  Fries covered in ground beef and other amazing stuff. 

Hum, Allan was so upset I didn’t think to take a photo of the rest of the fry package that hit the floor. Kinda of looked like thisFeb 20th – Not all my adventures are adventurous!  This was a dud, and we drove 1/2h to get here.  Boo me!!

What day is it??  My Birthday  Feb 21st 🙂  Shrimp dinner, how can it get better??

Feb 22nd –  Post breakfast dinner at the Black Bear Diner  Where you get your birthday breakfast free!Feb 23rd = How can it be this windy?  Valley Fever is a thing that I ended up with.  So many nights of waking up coughing, coughing, coughing.  Should have gone to a walk in, if I knew how long it would last I would have.   I contracted this January 24 after visiting the sand dunes on January 22nd.   Where the heck is the sky/sun??

Our treat or is it?     

Moon and the star 🙂Feb 24th – Pedi day!

Will this be our last walk on our favourite trail??

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