Getting Ready, Phase 2 April 2024

Not as smooth as the first phase ūüôĀ

We have to replace all our batteries, the chassis batteries went well; our 6 expensive house AGM Deep Cycle batteries not so much!

We enquired before heading to Mexico and our battery store said no need to buy the batteries then as they are “always” in stock.¬† No need to guess what isn’t in stock!¬† They may have them again in 2 weeks.¬† He did not sound confident.

Call battery store number 2; yes they have them in stock but they are about $60 more for each,¬† Hard pill to swallow but…¬† We need them!We drive there, he comes out to see our batteries.¬† Nope he doesn’t have these we need both an automotive top post and a threaded stud post.

Original batteries in Bailey were NAPA brand; Allan called them.  They are a bit more than battery store #2, but now we have no more options.

Off to NAPA we go.  The lady Allan spoke to was gone for the day.   The guy we now have can not find the battery in their system. He eventually calls the manufacturer and gets the correct part number and determines they have them in Calgary, of course the first quote was incorrect and the new one is not in our favour.  Bailey is scheduled for the RV part of service including installation of said batteries, on Thursday, NAPA says the batteries will in be Thursday morning.  The guy we were dealing with says to think about it and if we decide to go ahead call in with our credit card for a deposit.

We call back to order them, dude one is gone dude 2 says he wants us to come in again to confirm what they are ordering is the correct part cause batteries are not returnable.¬† Back we go..¬† Order placed, batteries paid, fingers crossed!¬† There is stuff I dislike paying for, garbage bags come to mind and now batteries!¬† $3400 and I can’t even admire them.

Thursday… we drop Bailey at¬† ¬†

NAPA says they’ll call us when the batteries arrive, no call.¬† We go there expecting the worst. Yahoo they come through

We are relieved we have the batteries to take to Back Country. Next issue! When following Bailey back from Diesel Tech, the last service place, I noticed smoke bellowing from the exhaust.¬† It cleared up, I did mention it to Allan.¬† At the time all gauges were good. Brought Bailey back to storage, now in taking her to Back Country Allan sees a “Check Engine Light”¬† never a good sign.¬† On the way back from Back Country the light doesn’t go off.¬† Allan has a way to read the error message, turns out it is a DEF issue.¬† One of the things that can happen is “Limp Mode” where the speed gets reduced to 5 miles an hour.¬† Imagine that on a highway!!

Have a Monday appointment at Diesel Tech, please keep fingers crossed it’s not a major issue.


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