Getting ready, April 2024

Mar 31th:  We visit Bailey and are so happy she started right away! Tomorrow is her first get ready for the road “checkup” day.

April 1st: Oh boy April 1st!!  Is this a good day to bring Bailey to Diesel Tech.  Are we going to need a tow?  Front driver’s side looks a little, stuck!

Bailey makes it out!  Went better than we thought, we’re off to a good start

Here for Bailey’s annual filter changes, engine & generator serviceApril 02nd:  The lovely weather change, ugh…the today on the temp chart is April 02

April 2nd snow almost gone                             April 4th snow is back

We have no interest in driving Bailey in the snow, fortunately, they are waiting for a filter so no pick up today.

April 04th: OTD 5 years ago, love FB memories!! April 05th:  Bailey is ready!  Snow on the road means not picking up today.

April 06th: Dreary but no snow on the roads.  Pick up Bailey, charges were better than we hoped.

Whoops we can’t make it back into our normal spot.  Mud, Bailey’s wheels spin & spin.  Ruts, some we made.  Centerline assigned us a temporary spot till the regular one dries upBob is covered in mud, zoom in to his front tire.  Know it’s a Jeep, we’d rather he be clean    

                     IS DONE!!

2 thoughts on “Getting ready, April 2024”

  1. Very interesting!
    So much muds. Very glad that they found a temp place to park Bailey until the ground dries up.

    1. The photos do not do the mud justice!

      It hasn’t snowed/rained for days now but they are calling for it at the beginning of the week.

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