January: Week 2

Start the week with a little funny

It’s a week of food, (all dishes created by Allan 😃💗) sprinkled with the demolition of the burnt restaurant/general store.

Jan 10th –  Breakfast, gooey cheese omelet


Resisted having… 

Dinner – Keto Pizza 

Jan 11th –  Breakfast:  Fried egg, left over pizza, fried leftover pepperoni

Demolition of the restaurant/general store begins today. Wish we could have enjoyed it.  Photo prior to fire…

Fire was on Sep 07th, deemed suspicious.

Day 1, 11.37a  Demo 1 (click to view the action) 

Demo 2

Dinner, new recipe, Keto Chicken Jalapeño Popper Casserole.  So delicious!  This will be a repeat.

January 12 night-13 morning – Big windstorm.  It woke us both up several times.  Also big rain. Fortunately Bailey was not affected.  Others were not as lucky.

Photos creds to Cindy…

OTD 2020: Nuevo Progreso, Mexico, hopefully again next year!

Day 2:  Demolition continues – making fast progress

Did a Costco run today, need one of these?  I microwave to reheat my coffee.

January 13th – Day 3

Beautiful skies, at least a bit of sun

January 14th – Day Done!  That was quick!!

Love what they call a walkway…

  Yesterday skies were nicer.                       No rain, can’t complain.

Well, not nothing – we’ll play DOS

     January 15

Love today’s weather!!  Sun, sun, sun.

End the week with a little funny…

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