June 23 & 24, 2022 Medicine Hat

Wake up to these visitors

Like the real thing better than this fellow, even though you have to admire the talent

Allan’s happy he found another amber beer. This one is from Medicine Hat Brewery called “Sin Bin”

On FB, I did a “Spot anything on the top right side of this photo?”

Received several guesses, the best one came from Mags who commented with this photo. Now check the top right LOL

I laughed too hard!

This was the correct answer. Mag’s was more fun!!

June 24 – repair the chip day

Marking the spot within the circle then working his magic!

Suspect all Speedy’s aren’t as efficient and friendly as these guys. We loved the quick service.

Back and set up at our new spot in Gas City, it’s time to celebrate! No rewards just a celebration with “Knight’s Soul Warmer”

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