Last full day! October 18, 2022

We did have fun while not at the park, the weather was great, sunny everyday with highs about 77f/25c, but Yakima RV Park was the worse park we’ve stayed at, to date. Just happy we didn’t book in for a month! These are the neighbour’s yard. A little bit of everything, including tools, a home made sand blasting gizmo, a grass seeder, etc. The pallets that were on his roof are now on the ground.

The dumpsters are mostly this full. It’s been challenging to dump

And the smell! Like nothing we’ve smelt before and hope to never again. It’s coming from the HAAS plant which is 1/2 block from the campgroup. Who would have thought brewing products smelt so bad.

Our plans yesterday were to go to Costco, (cause surprisingly the closest Costco to Yuma is an hour away), Target then walk the nice trail we found in the opposite direction. We saw some water on the ground, should have investigated sooner! Way more water there today, seems Bailey is crying cause she doesn’t like it here either. Allan opened the compartment to find our “fire starter” (newspaper, egg crates, etc) bin full of water and overflowing. Change of plans, empty out the compartments to try to figure out what is going wrong. The underbelly isn’t so nice looking. The water is dripping from the white pipe. .

Allan takes all the panels off, we still can’t determine where the leak is coming from.

This job is above our pay grade.

RV Doctor Barrera to the rescue

Jose gets it done πŸ™‚

This is the culprit! The water regulator. Not a leaky line like we thought. Jose does not have one in stock, they don’t even make them like this anymore just all plastic. He said we don’t need one, he can bypass the line. Getting the plastic one entails him driving to the other side of town in rush hour traffic. I ask my question “if it was your what would you do?” Bypass the line it is!

We did make it to Target and Costco but not the trail. We did get our 10k steps finishing them off walking the park. That did NOT get us a reward πŸ™

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