Medjool Date Festival, January 07, 2023

We’ve been looking forward to the festival, it’s our “Date Day, Date Fest”

Start the day at the Yuma Farmer’s Market, they have great fresh produce inexpensively priced.  Seems to be turning into a weekly visitOn to the festival. It’s very crowded, by now crowds feel more like the norm though I’ve never been a fan of crowds,

In the crown who does Allan spot?? Friends Debbie, Donny & Lucy. Her dark coat blends in too well, she is here 🙂

Entertainment and vendors galore.  What we can’t find are date squares or a date shake

Lunch time!  Lutes Casino has a specialty burger called what else “Lutes Special”  A burger with hot dogs in it

Looking for a wedding chapel?   

Trivia! We easily remember the zip code here cause when we saw Elvis one of his jokes was “Yuma 85 degress for 365 days”  hence 85365.  It’s not true but it doesn’t make the zip easy to remember

Haven’t found a date square or date shake yet.  Are date squares Canadian like Butter Tarts.  Turns out… “A date square is a Canadian dessert or bar cookie made of cooked dates with an oatmeal crumb topping.”  Allan, time to give up!!

We did get our new favourite hot sauce. Mamma Bella, “Mamma Bella es muy deliciosa”

Walk the wetland times.  This is the back of the Yuma Penitentiary as seen on the beginning of our walk. Birds on our walk!  We also saw a Roadrunner

Almost 10k steps, it’s that time   

Back at the festive we find a date shake!  More of a date “spoon”  I thought shakes were consumed with straws!  This is very good and not as sugary as expected

Fun day!  Hot tub time and throw in howling at the full moon!

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