Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course, weekend July 04 – 07, & some of 08 & 09 2024

We are so excited to be here and secure in our spot!Our road         

Our neighbours decoratedIt’s stinking hot and humid, we’re happy our generator and air conditioners haven’t let us down.

The next 3 days will be packed with excitement.  We decided to choice a driver in the leader series named Indy NXT.  The drivers compete to be offered a ride in IndyCar.  I choose Jacob Abel car 51; Allan’s dude is Caid Collet car 18. Our end of the season reward for winning = breakfast at your choice of restaurant.

Current points standings Jacob 345, Caid 315.  The cars race by so quickly, it hard to capture a photo.  This is my best attempt

One of these guys is heading the wrong direction… the one on the right in the first photo



One of us isn’t happy with qualifying, Allan 2, me…

Saturday night fire works 🙂

“R” (race) Day, yahoo!!

This is the debut of their new (Allan you may be interested in this link) hybrid engine.  Let’s see how it does.

“The strength of this uncharted partnership between Chevrolet and Honda has pushed this innovative project to the grid in 2024,” INDYCAR President Jay Frye said. “The INDYCAR-specific hybrid power unit will bring a new and exciting element to the NTT INDYCAR SERIES with additional energy and overtake options. We cannot wait to see the start of this new era at Mid-Ohio.”

No more photos, going to be concentrating on watching.  🙂

One of us isn’t happy with the results.  Allan finished first; me 25th or 3rd from last and one lap down. Why?? What the heck happened??

Josef Newgarden explains his penalties

Newgarden was slapped with a trio of penalties late on. The first was for speeding in the pits, and the second for failing to heed instructions from IndyCar.

Bizarrely, the 33-year-old took another punishment for speeding in the pit lane whilst serving a drive through penalty for his previous offence.

What seems like an amateur mistake has been explained by Newgarden as an error on the part of the technology.

“Another tough weekend for the books,” he wrote on social media.

:Lucky Allan gets to make his victory dinner, and you know you’re slumin it when dinner wine is being drunk from “O” glasses. July 08th: Sunrise, nice in the East but much nicer in the West

Travel day

Bye bye Ohio.   I rarely get leaving or entering a State sign.  Got this one.

About 20 minutes before we get to Love’s Travel Center to fuel Allan goes “Oh fuck” that’s never good. He doesn’t follow up with what the “oh fuck” or perhaps I just ask too quickly… “What?”   This light is on

Otherwise known as “Check Engine”

All the gauges look good, pull over and fret or try to make it to Love’s.  Love’s it is.  Will Bailey start after we fuel?  YES!!  We find an area to park in so Allan can retrieve the error code.  I’m all primed to write it down, we get No Error. Off we go to the campground. Wish we’ll have one leg of our trip with no oh shit moments but that may just be boring.

We’re here!

Home for a few daysA walk around the park…

The sign says watch us turn trash into treasure, or something like that.  Wonder how long it’s been here

July 09th: Our favourite day of the week!!

It rained most of the day so hopefully it will be nice tomorrow to explore the area.

Where’s Bailey… here she is.  Strongly dislike who’s #1


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