New Paris, OH July 01 – 04, 2024

Here we are in New Paris, population 1,474 not much to do but our check in host says to go visit the Amish store so that is where we are headed.

Corn, corn, everywhere corn!  We’re right in the middle of corn country!!

Fortune Acres Amish Store

Stuff, they have lots of stuff along with food and corn.  Yes we bought corn and hot peach salsa.  We should have bought 2!

Cash only as Amish do not embrace technology, I guess at least until it suits them.  They do use cash registers, suits them, no credit would suit us.

“The Amish have a complex relationship with technology. Historically, they have been known to reject the use of technology and rely instead on manual labor and traditional values. While some Amish communities still follow this tradition today, plenty of Amish people use electricity.  Amish technology restrictions vary by order, but many Amish groups believe that technology can undermine their traditions and values. They may prohibit technologies they believe are antithetical to their values, while choosing others that they believe will strengthen them.”Back at the ranch, the grounds are very nice.  Let’s be swingers!

Our view        Quick game of corn hole, ya ME!!

Firewood here isn’t amazing 

July 03rd:                              Yahoo for laundry day!!

Today’s reward, a walk through Greenville, OH

Just a random flower on our site 

And the winner is!! 


Fireball for price; Fire for sugar content.  Confused about the calorie count though.

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