Oh boy, oh boy January 12/13 2024

A quick look back:  October 01, 2023 was an exciting day. It was the day we solidified our Winter getaway in Puerta Vallarta!

Why not the Southern States in Bailey?  Cause there is an 180 day rule. Longer our medical kicks out and the IRS comes a calling.  We’re hoping to do races this summer so need our available days for that.

Back to now: We leave on January 12 with Westjet. Countdown began when we got home from Kyle & Megan’s.

Whoa! Let’s learn how to pack again!  Didn’t have to while in Bailey we had it all.

Got it done, yes me early, yes Allan last minute.  All set to fly out on the 12th, we’ll be flying out of Lethbridge as we did to get to Victoria, to Calgary then yahoo off to PV.

Late on the 11tth Thursday, we get an email from Westjet…  sorry but your flight on Friday the 12th to Calgary has been cancelled due to mechanical issues.

They didn’t site weather conditions even thoughThey changed our Lethbridge (mechical issues) to Calgary flight to the 17th  at 7:20pm, flying out to PV on the 18th at 8am.  What do we do for those 12 hours but more importantly the 17th is 5 days into our BnB we want to be there not just pay for it.

We’re smart cookies however, let’s beat this nonsense and cab it to Calgary bypassing the Lethbridge leg which appears to be the issue. Allan was on the phone, mostly on hold, for 2h40m but got us changed to leave from Calgary.  Cab pick up at 4am  Jan 13th Saturday to ensure we are in Calgary for the 1035a take off.  (Cab $385 tip included).

We arrive at 610a plenty of time for breakfast and to get some steps.  There’s our flight WS2246       

Breakfast at Chili’s, includes Rickards Red & a Ceasar yum

There’s a plane close to our gate but no, not ours.

Then the fun begins… gate change to D81, within 15 minutes gate change to D78, then take off time changes to 1105.  Not really concerned because the same thing happened to yesterday’s flight that did take off.   What did concern Allan more than me was that the flight now says it’s CLOSED.  Asked the attendant and she said it meant the previous flight left.  Makes no sense. This is Allan trying to figure it out       

Here they are de-icing other planes                                               Seems like a good thing

Next change take off delayed to 1205

Followed by further delayed take off to 105

Followed by at 1233

The Flair Airline flight to PV did take off.  What gives Westjet???  When the rep giving the “cancelled” speech was asked how Flair was able to take off her reply was “I’m not going to address that”  The gate next to us was supposed to be flying to Mazatlan. They got cancelled at the same time.  Imagine how happy that area was.

Here we are collecting our bags.. to go where….

To add insult to injury the recording saying what carousel to pick up our luggage says… Those arriving from Puerta Vallarta your baggage is on carousel one.  Welcome to Calgary!

Room are hard to get as there are many flight cancellations, Allan finds us one at the Comfort Inn.

Glad we have someone watching our house We finally got to be on hold with Westjet again, initally calls just said they have too many callers so try again.  Guess that means we should be privileged for being over an hour to try to get another flight.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring but suspect it will be at least another night in Calgary!

4 thoughts on “Oh boy, oh boy January 12/13 2024”

  1. Ah no! How horrible! Our son and family left Vancouver to PV on Jan 4 – their flight was delayed 6 hours.
    Well, once you get to PV, ENYOY!

  2. Keep your head up high, get your travelling experts “Jim and beam” or whatever you call your two little “friends”. Take care and take it easy, at least you have time together and stay happy

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