Finally! Jan 15 2024

Lethbridge to Puerta Vallarta:


Begins:  Friday the 12th @ 330am cab pick up for the drive to Calgary’s airport for the  1035a Westjet flight departure.

Ends:  Monday the 15th @ 849pm when we settled in our PV condo for our first drink

In between: I documented Friday’s delays and cancellation in my previous post so onwards we go.

Westjet’s famous text, after “your flight has besen delayed” or “your flight has been cancelled” is “you will receive an email within the hour with further instructions”.  That didn’t happen so we called again and again before them accepting the call to be placed on hold.  The initial recording was something like the cue is too long, please call again later.  We thought we hit pay dirt when they put us on hold.  This call started about 6pm, we were on hold for 7ish hours before they pick up.  The flight to get to PV takes less time!

We are in heaven.  Online there were no seats available but the agent got us 2.  Scheduled to depart on the 13th at 1035a.   We arrive @ YYC 3h early as required, actually earlier; they change the gate 3 times.  Then the departure time changed to 1205p; then 1305p, then WHAM cancelled!  Next flight tomorrow at 745a.  Do we believe it, HELL NO!  We’ve received so many of these and have basically lived our lives at the airport.  4 days in the airport feels like forever.

 We’ve had enough of Westjet and book our first ever Flair flight.  With our luck Westjet will fly tomorrow and Flair won’t!

  Westjet didn’t fly

01/14: Just another night in Calgary!  We are so depleted we opt to stay at the Delta attached to the airport.  This way we can dillydally a bit more in the morning.  Besides who really believes we’re going anywhere?  Our view from the room

01/15:  407am  While happily sleeping a text comes in from Flair saying “We are sorry to inform you that your flight has been delayed due to late arrival of the crew on the previous flight.  New departure time 11.40”  Next text the same with a new departure of 12.25, next up 1330

Well golly gee we are LOADING!  Not all that excited cause yesterday we spent about 3 hours on the runway in a Westjet.

1321:We have take off!!       

   We made it and cleared customs in record time! 

7:43p:  Arrived at the condo in the pitch dark.  Where the heck is the front door?  Fortunately, existing residents arrived almost the same time and showed us the ropes 🙂

We take our bags in and head to the nearby Oxxo (Oxxo is a Mexican chain of convenience stores and gas stations, with over 21,000 store) to get “cerveza y vino tinto”

Back at the condo with our goodies, should have paid closer attention on how to open the dang door.

We’re in!!     

         It’s been a stressful few days, now time to chill

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