Old Plank Rd & Centre of the World, January 22, 2023

For some reason I woke up at, not sure what time, couldn’t get back to sleep, finally got out of bed at 124am, per my FitBit app

Thankfully I am binging “The Royals” mindless entertainment (fictional royals)  I always do computer stuff while watching, ie Candy Crush, reseach on whatever, then Spanish (not while watching TV),  actually I always to Spanish first to get it done.

Anxiously awaiting Allan getting up so we can get on with our normal morning routine then to today’s outing.

Yahoo, Allan’s up.  He does his morning routine then on to breakfast.  Shower, and head out, destination Plank Road

The historyThat’s me on a 8 x 12′ plank

Looking up at the beginning of the Plank Rd.  The sawhorse type fence is to keep folks outAs always, the climb is steeper than it looks.  Reward time!Yonder way is Donald’s wall, we hike over.  Looks a little short from here, that too is deceiving.  Border patrol keeping watch, there are patrol units approx every 1/2m.  Up close there is not only a berm but a gulley on the Mexican side.  Hard to believe anyone could get over the fence.Out on the road, this gizmo films stuffToys playing on the side of the dune; again much steeper than it looks

Next stop “Center of the World”     

Some of the stuff here

Dinner, Allan homemade, air fryer Keto Pizza.  Shrimp, yes shrimp (shrimp in the bag so it doesn’t “contaminate” Allan’s ingredients) for me and Meat Lovers for Allan.  😋

Hot tub then another day done 😀

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