Saturday, December 22, 2018

Arrived in Goodyear, AZ on Friday December 21st @ midnight thirty.  Restless night awaiting our Bailey reunion. 

8:05a Walking from the Marriott to Palm Storage it’s sunny but cool 5c. 

While we were gone, Tim Baker of Baker Mobile RV Repair made repairs for the issues we had last trip.  Fingers crossed this trip is a bit less eventful mechanically. 

Off we go…

Bailey is filthy!  We can barely see out the windshield with the sunshine and the rear view camera total blur off to Blue Beacon Hand Truck Wash.  Arrive at 8:50a several tractor trailers ahead of us but we need to be clean so we wait.  Our first Holy Shit of the trip, weird sound coming from the back, rodent attempting to make its escape??  We see a flock of birds fly off – Solved birds on the roof not trapped between as it sounded like.  Relief.  Keep waiting.  10:11 yep over an hour wait and we’re up next…

And we’re clean now just to the drying station

Knight with a Knight

Finally off to Costco what were we thinking? Costco on the Saturday before Christmas – simply no room for Bailey in that parking lot. 

A few photos from the drive

Arrived at Arizona Oasis shortly after 3:00p.  Prepared Bailey, slides all worked wonderfully.  Allan was so happy to be reunited with his Traegar.  This is our appetizer, jalapeno stuffed with cream cheese. wrapped in bacon.  Had hamburgers for dinner then relaxed in the hot tub.  What will tomorrow bring? 

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