Saturday, February 16, 2019

Reunited and it feels so good!

Left Toronto Pearson at 945a, were scheduled to leave at 925, late again that is why Air Canada has so many little planes, cause they do not pull out on time.  Arrived in Phoenix about 1240p local time.  Uber to Goodyear to pick up Bailey from storage at Palm Gate Storage.  Starting km 47,625.

2p We are now enroute to Yuma for an exciting week with 3 other RV couples.  Wilf (childhood friend) & Brenda, Wilf’s parents Tom & Irma who spend Winters in Yuma, and Wilf’s sister and husband Shelley & Jim.  I’m pretty sure the park will not be the same when we leave.

We arrive in Yuma proper around 4 and head to Walmart for much needed groceries.  We buy the essentials enough for dinner tonight and breakfast in the morning.

We arrive at the park, McCoy Mobile Home/RV Park about 6p to our second back in spot.  Of course this time we are amongst friends and mostly everyone else in the RV park watching us back in.  Got in but took 3 attempts.

Everyone is here except Wilf & Brenda who arrived closer to midnight and exhausted.





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