Stumble into today’s adventure October 14, 2022

Destination today was Fullbright Park. thought we’d find a good hiking trail. Turns out this park does not have trails, rather just green picnic space and a stream that runs through it.

But we do find the Central Washington Agricultural Museum. Outside the museum is this tank. No explanation, just this tank behind the fencing.

Not sure what this has to do with agricultural.

Nice mountain, not going up further. Dog poop, everywhere. People are PIGS!

Here we are at the museum, quite frankly if it wasn’t free we wouldn’t have gone. Would have been our loss, it was interesting, in a junky kind of way

Allan checking out stuff! This one has Bailey brakes.

Pre-covid wash stations, stationary and mobile and huge

We encountered a museum worker who said this museum was a grave yard for old farm equipment. Cheaper for farmers to donate than to take to the trash. πŸ™‚

Got us these steps before noon. What time is it now?

Reward time!!

Off to Valley Mall, trying to get Allan replacement, dare I say, Crocs!

A sad little chuckle reding these…

Start an exciting, fulfilling career with Sears?

All Sears stores closed in Canada years ago. What google taught me today….”There areΒ 198 Sears retail stores in the United States as of September 28, 2022. The state with the most number of Sears locations in the US is California, with 19 retail stores, which is about 10% of all Sears retail stores in the US.” So, sounds like you can train in Yakima and transfer to California!

6 thoughts on “Stumble into today’s adventure October 14, 2022”

  1. The tank is there in place of a scarecrow, have to keep the birds away from the cherries-apples-and corn.

  2. Sears was my fav back in the day, spend hours, clothes-tools etc.
    Craftsman tools, guaranteed for life! If they broke, which was very rare, bring it in and get a new one. No questions asked, I broke two, as I remember.
    You don’t mind me commenting do you?
    Being a widower and living up in the mountains, just my Kat and I and he’s not that talkative.
    Meow?……Got any mouskies you need eliminated? He’s the dude. (;+)……..

    1. It’s now Costco all the way. The best return policy but living up in the mountain you may not have that available!

      Which mountains?

      Love comments πŸ™‚ Don’t offer up Kat too freely, may just take you up on the offer!

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