Summit RV Resort, Bridesville, BC June 1&2, 2022

June 1 – We hate ups, guess we love torture cause here we go…

Bailey is looking small

Even smaller, do you spot them? Soon it will be hard to breathe at this altitude

Poop, poop, and more poop. We are on the lookout for animals

Spot the animal! It’s a deer who may have a baby with her

We started this walk with over 7k in steps so we will not make the top of the mountain today. Much deserved rewards. Do you spot Bailey and Bob? All spots revealed at the end of this post

We would have had to walk this much more to reach the top; nope we’re pooped!

We deserve this treat after our hike! This is the oldest pub in BC, founded 1895. Seems they have had some issues….Click here

What commands such a smile? Rickard’s Red on draught!

One too many??

We’ve had many interesting neighbours, this one included from Orangeville. He overheated at the park’s entrance so Markus invited him to spend the night.

Because of the wild fires, there are no individual fire pits, but there is a communal pit. Shared a fire with park owners Markus, his wife, the camp hosts and our Ontario fun guy,

June 02 – 2nd attempt to reach the top

This is where we made it to yesterday, off we go. We will make it to the top

What are those “ant” looking dots? Cows!

Poop, lots of poop reference today…. But poop, we are hearing thunder which is accompanied by lighting and we’re up here. Think it’s time to admit defeat and just be safe. Down we go

This is how much further it would have been to the top, Next time we are here we will make it there!

This is how far this tower is from Bailey


Here they are…

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