Thanksgiving 2022

Although we are not anxious to give Harrison Hot Springs Hotel any money becuase it’s them standing in the way of us attended the hot springs they are the only place in town offering a Thanksgiving Dinner

Start the day with laundry, love our W&D, then a walk around the park, then games room time. Boy!! Do I suck at pool!! Allan is much better

More evenly matched in ping pong 🙂

A game of cards, which I won, then off to our first buffet since the onset of Covid.

Wow, we’re first in line! Like being in front of the grazers!

Great dinner, all the basics plus salmon ++ strangly missing… mashed potatoes

No where as good however, as last Thanksgiving with Kyle & Megan. Miss you guys!! Flash back photos

Our table was the second from the right. They got it cleaned super quick for the next in line.

A huge house we walk by on our way back

Yahoo, hot tub is a go tonight

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and remember

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