Thursday, November 08, 2018

Started out at 815a.  On our way to Apache Junction, AZ.  Happy to say for the first time in our travels the kitchen slide closed without any resets.

Arizona here we are.

So much fun cruising until…  Jacks Down Alarm sounds, have a listen  JackDown

At least we didn’t need this, hate to imagine what it feel like to see the end of that run off lane.

Next up!!  Flying tire!  A pick up didn’t secure his load and a tire came flying out.  Pretty hectic as the 2 highway lanes had cars and trucks all around.  The tire bounced over us, hope it didn’t hit a vehicle behind us but that is wishful hoping.

One hour 4 minutes to the campsite, we’ll enjoy chilling.

22c I wish I could bring it back to Toronto.

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