Travel Day, Getting closer March 12, 2023

Today we’ve leaving Twin Falls and travelling to Helena, Montana. Our trip begins at 845a,  a bit dreary but no snow, we’re happy!Snow on the mountains as it should be.  Not on the road.

Snow is getting too close, roads on dry so still not complainingMy super duper cute chauffeur

We’re higher than we think!

Twin Bridges, last “back” stop before the KOA Helena

We were going to stay at Chez Walmart, but there is a KOA In Helena with 50amp power and sewer, no on site water, we have KOA dollars to spend… should have done Walmart cause the road in,…Arrived at ‏‎4:53:06 PM     

Allan had to “discuss” the KOA points for much longer than expected, ready to leave NOPE Bailey is stuck.  We were’nt going to disconnect Bob but here goesBailey hates snow as much as we do!

    This is just BS!!

Bob’s not as upset 

How do we get out of here tomorrow?  Stay tuned!!

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