Vallarta Marina, January 23, 2024

Today’s adventure!  We walk, it’s a mere 1h11m.Our walk takes us past the harbour.  This is a huger than it appears in the photo cruise shipThen we encounter…This massive yacht moored in the PV harbour, of course I had to get the story!  Notice the helicopter in the front.

Super Yacht (click for photos), never heard that term before; is owned by Dennis R. Washington (born 1934) who I also never heard of.  He is an American billonaire industrialist who owns, or co-owns controlling interests in, a large consortium of privately held companies collectively known as the Washington Companies and, in Canada, another collection of companies known as the Seaspan Marine Corporation..

Key Takeaways    

  • Estimated to be worth $200 million, the AV Yacht’s annual running costs are thought to be around $20 million.
  • The AV Yacht, formerly known as Palladium, is an epitome of luxury sailing, built by Blohm and Voss and designed by Michael Leach Design.
  • With an amazing interior design by Michel Leach, the yacht accommodates 24 guests and is managed by a skilled crew of 33.
  • The yacht is powered by two MTU diesel engines, capable of pushing her to a top speed of 19 knots, with a comfortable cruising speed of 16 knots.
  • Owned by billionaire Dennis Washington, the yacht has seen previous ownership under Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov.
  • The yacht caught media attention when US comedian and The Late Show host Stephen Colbert visited Mikhail Prokhorov in Russia and discussed the yacht and his lifestyle.

Want more yacht info, click here

Now onwards with our day!

We are here! 🙂






This heat and walking sure does ddeserve rewards!!

The marina, how much money is in here.  Probably not as much as the super yacht

There are multiple croc sightings here, we won’t risk itDone here it’s time to head back to the condo.  We’re determined to go by bus, they all pass us by so we walk a little further.  Finally we get one… The transit system here is, well, unpredictable..

Walking from the drop off we see Rosie and clan, there are more of them than we thought!

Wonder where to put your garbage?  Yep right there in the middle of the street!Crazy sky!

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