Victoria Day Weekend with friends, May 19-22, 2023

Goodbye Pincher, a slow hello to Taber… It’s a 90 minute drive when you are not stuck behind this contraction for 20 minutes, no way to pass.Next delay  a seemingly endless train!

Home till Monday We are here with 3 super fun couples and their kids

Names withheld to protect the (not so) innocent!

We learned a few things: use an egg to crack another egg, bocce ball, Orbeez water balls, that we can almost be off grid for 3 days, (almost cause we can’t break our Duolingo streak)  but most delicious was the introduction to new pie!  The selection was cherry, apple and can’t remember the 3rd,  made with a pie iron.  Base is white buttered bread, OMG delicious!  Here’s Shelly in buttery action!Loading up the pie iron

More pie action…

No fire ban 🙂

Such a beautiful night!

  Yummy nightcap 🎆

Walk up the mountain to get internet to do our Duolingo.  Nowhere as challenging as Telepath Mountain in Yuma but still not a fan of “UPs”

Not sure about this trail, we weren’t packing!The view from on top Duolingo done!  🙂

A great weekend with amazing folks!!

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