Yuma Silver Spur Rodeo, February 10, 2023

It’s finally rodeo day!!  We splurged on the VIP tickets.

VIP tickets include a separate,  no line up entrance, straight view to the corral seating,  all you can eat food, all you can drink booze!

  • Us crazies decide it best to Uber so,,, let’s walk one way, a mere 1-1/2h, to get our steps then Uber back 

We’re here! 

First stop, food and drink.  Lucked out the food is Chick-fil-a. So delicious

Then  we mosey around the grounds then back to get settled into our seats drink in hand.  Let the fun begin.

That grey horse just wants out!

My entire body hurts watching this  Bucking

Pole Bending…  Wide Turn = not first place

Totally blown away with Madison MacDonald  Where the heck is she! On the left side in the monitor; on the right side of her horse in person  She truly is remarkably talented!On to barrell racing   Click here  Hope he’s OK

Hum, this wasn’t for me, mutton busting …Not a fan!

Almost over, beautiful night skyFinal act!         

My camera roll shows this photo, what the heck is it??The steps, not happy when I’m so close to 20k but miss out, no badges for 19,729

Off to a well deserved hot tub.

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