09-04-2020 3rd Stop – heading to Marathon, ON Penn Lake Park

We leave at 815a, 67,051km

This photo does not show enough the potholes on the road leading into/out of the SSM KOA.  This place takes the prize of being the bumpiest!Cloudy skies…

Strange place to be walking 

Getting closer.

Rain, helps to clean the windshield 🙂

Approaching Marathon as if we would!

Bears can be dangerous????

We arrive Penn Lake Park at 123p and get set up.

That peek-a-boo hole beside the lawn chairs opens up to the sandy lake.

           Clouds reflected in the lake

We venture out for a walk and encounter yet another sign

Just passed the bear sign, we find the hiking trail that goes around the lake

Allan “Want to go?”

Me “Of course”  while thinking, they wouldn’t really put a trail where bears hang out!

Beautiful, but looks like a bear would be happy in this trail…

We forge on.  “What’s that rustling sound?”  Allan researched what to do if you encounter a bear; do not turn & run.  Stand your ground, make noise and throw stuff.  Problem we have no stuff!

It’s a very scenic trail…

The trail opens up to view the lake

Back in the wooded trail

We make it out!!         

Celebrate with, of course, a fire!         

Turns out this is one of our favourite campgrounds.

2 thoughts on “09-04-2020 3rd Stop – heading to Marathon, ON Penn Lake Park”

  1. I should have kept a closer eye on your journey. We live in Thunder Bay, Ontario and motorhome south for the winter. Would have liked to meet you but no doubt by now you are driving through Manitoba.

    1. Hi,

      That would have been fun. We are now in Moose Jaw, heading to Lethbridge tomorrow.

      Where are you Wintering this year?

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