Thursday, April 04, 2019

Off to the races!!! It’s raining but not even that deters us.

Day’s plans – get Bailey wash at the Blue Beacon – hope it stops raining before Bailey’s bath.

Pouring rain seems to be the trend for us. Good thing, it rained so hard it removed the bugs from the front of Bailey and the windshield. No Blue Beacon for us today.  Still raining

We arrive @BarberMotorPark  at 255p.

Info says gates open at 3p; we drive right in. There are cars on the track, several RVs set up already. We didn’t have to worry about arriving too early.

We follow the signs to Hilltop Parking. A few flowers on the way.

We set up, quicker than normal cause we are boondocking the 4 days we are here. We must be careful with water lasting and the amount of power we use.

We walk around to familiarize ourselves with the track, life doesn’t get much better.  🙂

Pouring rain again, wakes me up about 3a. All these spots are on grass, no pads, all the rain is making it mushy.

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Leave time: 1009a; 50,718km.

We arrive at Benchmark RV Park in Marion, after a few stops on the way about 5pm.

Back to today, Allan has about 3 hours of work to do so I am entertaining myself writing this, sitting outside in the beautiful sunshine and heat, a great change from the rain.  Just love this weather.

Allan’s amber beer assortment ..

Wednesday was  pretty much like today.  Allan worked, I hung out.

We are getting super, duper excited because Thursday we head to Barber Motorsports Park, our first race in Bailey.




Monday, April 01, 2019

Super cloudy, no sky to be seen.

Choices are stay in and play games or risk the rain and head to Peter’s Grocery Store for much needed meat. Off we walk, Bossier City, Louisiana is not pedestrian friendly but we make it using the shoulders. We get to the other side of the highway and see signage directing to Louisiana Outlet Mall, Horseshoe Casino,  and Margaritaville Casino,  @Mville_Bsights 

We forget about the grocery store for now, off to see the sights.  We walk past @FlyingHeartBrew and decide to give it a try on the way back.

Horseshoe Casino, @Horseshoe_BC  is much nicer than ours, offers several restaurants and entrainment and best part it doesn’t smell. People still smoking but much better ventilation. We found the slot machine of our choice and promptly lose our $20s. Vegas gambling and the occasional win was more fun!

It is sprinkling a bit now, so we head to the Outlet Mall which turns out to be an outdoor mall but at least it gets us closer to Margaritaville.  This is the nicest of the 3 casinos. We find a bar and I have a #margarita, of course.

Allan discovers a local brewery amber, Abita! @TheAbitaBeer  brewed in Abita Springs, LA. After enjoying our beverages, off to find a promising machine, and there goes another $20. Louisiana gambling is not for us.

Skies are more threatening. We make it to Flying Heart Brewery where Allan discovers yet another Amber ale. A look outside, it is now pouring fortunately it stopped when we were finished so now on the Peters Grocery Store found on Yelp. Get there only to discover it is closed for who knows what because there are employees in there doing something.

Even this sidewalks #Bossier is not pedestrian friendly with a sign dead centre.

Back to Bailey. Tomorrow’s destination, Marion, MS.