April Fools Day

Surely this temperature is a joke!         

I was surprised to read that Google typically spends about 40% of its annual budget on April fools’ pranks across its portfolio of products.

Interesting fact:  GMail was born today in 2004.

Breakfast ended being the remaining 3 eggs.  Allan made delicious scrambled eggs to boost our energy levels for the blind installation   🙂

I thought there were to be no April Fools jokes, yet..  Breaking News!  “Gov. DeSantis will issue 30-day stay-home order for Florida” beginning Thursday. That’s tomorrow!  What does that really mean?  Do we go or do we stay?  We really need the food order that’s being delivered tomorrow, and the blinds up, not so much for the night shade but the sun shade. We’ll be…

Because it never gets old  Traeger

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