Bailey beautify, August 03-05, 2019

New signage on the back of Bailey, compliments of Tom @Call them for all your sign requirement (905) 967-1323

Next up paint the chrome piece on the front of Bailey, where we ran over an mud flap on a highway during our last US trip.  We found a Rust-Oleum product called Bright Coat Metallic Finish who’s cap matched perfectly, excited to get it done.

Allan hard at work…

Many coats later, Oh no 🙁  It does not match, more matt than shiny

Now what????  Sent an email to @RustOleum so far no response. Just want it to look like the cap.

Maybe Bailey has to be renamed as One eyed wonder.

Very excited, only 4 more sleeps till we are on our way to POCONO GRAND PRIX Tricky Triangle.




2 thoughts on “Bailey beautify, August 03-05, 2019”

  1. I passed yall on i-10 today, an hour east of NOLA. Yall had ontario plates. Was curious if yall were a band:). Safe travels & happy new year✨

    1. Hi thanks for the comment No, we are not a band but we certainly exercise our vocals during our travels!

      Happy New Year!

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