Change of Plans @ Twin Falls RV Park, March 10, 2023

Plan:       Explore Twin Falls

Reality:  Not as planned

The wind, rain and Bailey rocking wake me up. Allan, the trooper he is, sleeps through it.  Do I wake him to pull in the slide cause the toppers are going nuts?  Hum, Allan needs his beauty sleep, I’ll wait a while.  I can’t believe, though I should by now, believe he can sleep through this. 

This photo taken at 10.12a the morning rain had stopped but those winds!

Not loving this!  How many are saying “ha ha” after the mild winter we had   Hail

1.13pNow more, clicking will just make you sad/happy!  Snow


2.36p 3.00p                            Decide to extend our stay here by a day. Didn’t get to explore Twin Falls today and want the roads to settle down.  Call toffice to extend.

4.10p                           Weather has settled down, roads are cleared. Should we have waited to extend?  Nope cause we do want to explore  Twin Falls hopefully we made the right decision

Stay in Bailey day, beer, wine, cards, a park walk and a delicious dinner.

Loaded fries, second photo half in sunshine!

Found the best radio station yet here, Magic 95.1 downloadable @     Give it a try!!

For those who know me best…

2 thoughts on “Change of Plans @ Twin Falls RV Park, March 10, 2023”

  1. Hello…..Don’t know if you are taking #97A or #97 north from Wenatchee. Do not drive at night at all!………….Besides the suicidal critters, we have had rock-falls up the Ying-Yang. Hit those even in the daylight, yuck..
    And…..and..The sheep with well endowed bonkers on their heads are not paying any attention to all the fancy-pant fences that cost mucho-buck-a-roos along the highways…
    Driving my Samurai one day I had to stop, the main A-Hole looked at Ninja and spit…
    Dis-respectable MFer…….Didn’t even pay any attention to Ninja’s beep-beep……horn…
    Ride Safe, eh?

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