Christmas Decorations, December 14, 2022

We had errands to run in the Foothills so being in that neck of the woods we decided to explore the lights 55th St.   I get it’s daylight but thought we’d get an idea on whether it is worthwhile to return at night

We’ve never seen such a  subdivision, it has brick & sticks homes, RV hooks ups, mix & match.This is Allan’s type of subdivision, many homes are more garage than house

Some are friendlier than others.

This section has the most lights 

The most elaborate navity scene we’ve seen in a front yard

Another cute front yard

Another house of Allan’s dreams.  Garages!!All who know Allan will know what he thought of today’s brew!Allan still has a few surprises under his belt!  He didn’t love it but liked it.  To recap so far, 15 days in there were only 2 losers!

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