December 08, 2020 History made today & outing

Margaret Keenan 90 years old became the first person ever to receive receive the Pfizer BioNTech coronavirus vaccine outside clinical trials.  This is the first of two planned jabs of the vaccine at Coventry Hospital outside Birmingham.  2nd “jab” in 21 days.  Love this – the second person to get the vaccine!?  William Shakespeare, 81.If your last name is Shakespeare, what else would you name your son?!? 😂

Hopefully December 2021, all what wish to be vaccinated will be!

It’s been raining for what seems like forever, OK only 2 days but the drabness doesn’t agree with me.  There are sites we’d like to visit, Oyama Lookout as well as a waterfall that is supposed to be on the rail trail.  We have walked the rail trail but no waterfall sighting yet.

Allan forces us to go out, heading to Oyama Lookout  Paved road didn’t last long.

Twisty, windy road

Look at the GPS, crazy turns       

Zip line would be fun!   

       Found snow!

Didn’t make it to the look out. As we are getting closer there is a sign stating “Road is not maintained”  3 vehicles are approaching, a BMW Crossover that is towing a pick up that has chains on the tires.  Behind them another pick up that stops to remove chains.  Off in the distance a vehicle in the ditch.  Allan decides to get out and ask the people in the vehicles…”Don’t go” we are advised, it’s a sheet of ice.  We heed the warning,  Allan snaps some photos, he’s slipping and sliding on the ice here.  Good idea to not go further.

This is the view from our non look out point  – T’is beautiful…

T’is ugly.  Never, ever have I seen anything like this 😢  How did it get here?

We pass this house.  I guess the listing price at 4.5m, great views, getting all the building material up there must be super expensive.  Allan guesses 1.4k.  I’ve got this win!!  Photo of the home, photo of the sign

Photo snatched from the listing of 9602 Benchland Drive  get the link won’t last for long as this gem and will likely be sold quick.  Beautiful home!!

Listed price????    Ta dum….  $1,095,000      Let’s just move on….

Back down the mountain we go…

Allan’s next idea..  let’s walk the rail trail to see if from this point we can find the waterfalls.

Oh Bob!! Dirty little boy!!!

Never before walked session of the rail trail here we come!

What is that boat type thing?  It’s very noisy and doesn’t move much.Look! a little waterfall is this the one? 

Let’s keep walking…  Think we’re good, should be hibernating….Someone decorated a 🎄along the trail

So steep   


and a look at the other direction     

The wonders of nature.  Focus on the roots growing out of the rock..

We pass a mini beach

3.5 km walk from where we began we find the falls 😊

We know the answer to this!  Kokanee Blue and Kokanee Gold!!

My sweetie, looks a little cold   

Today’s advent treat 

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