End of week 1 in Rosedale, September 30, 2022

Sep 26th – Bridal Falls but first a quick trip to Agassiz for produce.

We get to duck our #63

We’ve had a few “oh shit” moments in which the door doesn’t want to open. Door adjustment time!

The falls were a bit timid and the creek around it bare, still nice to see

Rewards!! Well deserved, the hike up was brutal, up, up and more up

Fire time!

Sep 27th – Cultus Lake, hazy smoky. Lunch will be a meet up wirh friends

Would you like to live here?

Do you think they may be slightly overpriced to be on the market this long?. 175 days. 106 days, 42 days

Meet Mags & Steve. A super fun couple, we had many laughs

Home to another fire!

Sep 28th – A trip to Chilliwack. Unfortunaly it was a dreary day but most have been sun filled so not totally complaining. Not many photos…

Sep 29th – Abbotsford

Today’s mission! BCAA to renew Bailey’s insurance. We were a little leery of the renewal cost because of the windshield replacement and subsequent chip repair. Pleasantly surprised it went down pennies 🙂.

Time to celebrate before doing a Costco run

Fire time!!

Sep 30th – Take 2: another walk around the falls


Reward time! Spot them??

Chef Allan! On the menu tonight… Chicken parmesan with spaghetti marinara, requires just a few dishes…

Requires a few dishes!

Hats off to the Chef!! Super delicious! Not trading you in any time soon!!!

The clean up!! I’m up!!!

Only 3 things can’t fit in the dishwasher drawer

Fire time!!

So ends September!

2 thoughts on “End of week 1 in Rosedale, September 30, 2022”

  1. Love that pink, for surecouldn’t find others than happy people, my husband needs therapylove all this, wish I could find more time to follow up, the spaghetti-dish looks like a little pig hiding under tomato juice other than this it all is lots of fun sharing some moments in your lifefurther on have a good one, with your secret bottle followers, you can’t really hide them, everyone knows what to search forenjoy your life and your Bayley (do you know the liquor)? Xoxo from your German friend

    1. We were celebrating buying Bailey with Bailey and coffee, she is mostly tan/brown in colour. Bailey was a natural name 🙂

      LOL your hubby needs therapy!

      Love your comments! You always make me smile/laugh.

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