February 15th

Yahoo, another day off!   

Weather is getting a bit “less” frigid but still no sunshine.  What’s worse freezing cold or no sunshine?  And it’s still snowing.Allow me to introduce Dora.  Dora is our favourite park resident.  She is 100 years old, (birthday is April 15), lives on her own, and daily walks to the highway.  Walk takes her 40 minutes.  She is just so cute and full of stories!!Check out Dora’s mitts.  I think Bernie got his at the same place.

Our walk takes us to Duck Lake 7

It’s still snowing so not much to see.  The sun is trying..

There is another one of these phone booths at the front gate.   There are icicles dripping from the phone book. Bailey is not happy.  She has icicles dripping too!

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