Final Full Day, March 10, 2024

Our time flew by so quickly, we did and saw so many wonderful things.  Love the day trips we were on, all the walking, the drag show and so much more.  The weather was fabulous, even the single rainstorm was fun.  But we blinked and 2 months were almost over.

Today is packing day 

Our last dinner will be at the Seahorse Cucina Bar & Lounge. We take the 46 minute walk slowly enjoying the sites. 

The twirlers were twirling

The inukshuks were inukshuking   

Me was me-ing in the beautiful sunshine with Puerto Vallarta in the background

      Delicious bevies

The view

Followed by a delicious meal and good wine.  Lasagna for Allan, Spaghetti with shrimp for me.

My foot tan makes my feet look dirty   

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