Friday 02 26

Today’s walk will be the rail trail heading to Kelowna.  It’s a paved trail enabling us to avoid mud that we traipsed through yesterday.  We’re hoping to encounter a Jeep to duck.  Allan is starting to have withdrawals, it’s been a few days since we’ve ducked. NEED to DUCK!!  None here, maybe when we get back, Bob is waiting for a friend.

                We won’t make it to Kelowna, we still need about 6000 steps (to make our 10k daily step goal) that translates to about an hour walk.  We’ll see where we get to in 30 m to determine our turn around point.

We pass Carey Pond

Canada Geese asking the question….  Where’s the water??

They are all standing/sitting on the ice.  A goose life is not for me.

We encounter

We keep walking, 2k so far 

 Bridge to nowhere.  Allan checking it out.

We’ll turn around at the curve in the trail

No Jeeps when we get back to Bob.

Meanwhile back at our lake,  Duck Lake 7.  Photo creds to Don Randall.

First up… coyote

Nice coyote, leaving some for the eagles & crows

Eagle and crow time

Amazing shots!  Thanks Don Randall for sharing.

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