Friday, April 24

I’m doomed to not sleep in!  Yesterday garbage bin pick up, today my iPad alarm went off at 435a.  I have never used the alarm on my iPad.

Today’s exciting day!  Aldi food delivery! We have been adding items to the order since we started it last week.  We leave here tomorrow and will be quarantined in the next camp for 14 days.  Suits us fine but don’t want to run out of stuff.  There are a few items Aldi doesn’t carry so I’ll go, with my new mask, to Publix.

I’m back in record time.  It is only a 2 minute (This is a stock photo, Allan didn’t take a photo when he met me today) we bring the buggy to Bailey then return it.                                                                   

Meet Diego our excellent Aldi shopper.

Our no contact drop off, he puts it on the picnic table.  We retrieve when he’s gone.   

We put stuff away, divided up the meat in meal size portions.  That took over an hour, we deserve it beer/wine time!

It rained most of the day yesterday streaking our windshield so Allan buffed that up.

Now walk time

We missed out on breakfast so decide to have dinner early.  I have a hankering for Chinese style beef.   My chef springs into action

I stubbed my toe, been icing it but still ouchy.  Suspect wine will cure.  Need a walk/hobble to get 1201 steps for my 10k today.

This is a new sign, were they getting complaints?  They made considerable progress since we arrived on the 18th

A few others arrived, still pretty empty.They do not appear to take social distancing very seriously.  When we arrived we called ahead to ask for “no contact” check in.  It sounded like we were the first to ask.  We now think they think we are “virused” because they haven’t put anyone next to us.   Yahoo for us!!!

Our last fire here               

Off to Fancy Gap in the morning.

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