Install “Fattened” Cushion Day!

03/19 – We’ve been using the caption’s chairs to eat, using our laps as tables and well as our game playing.  We want our chairs back, Allan called and we found out the diningroom chairs are ready but they are still awaiting foam for the couch.  Happy to have chairs for the weekend.  Balance should be back by Wednesday.  Ta da…  They are so much more comfortable.03/24 – We get the call, they will be here by 3.

The installation begins                                         

Cushion one done!         

   On the the second one

Allan is happy, see his 🙂 

They repaired the tears in their shop, came out well.  Looks better in person.


Lazy boy next       

Morgan is repairing the rip in the chair. Quite the supplies

Dabbing stuff on 

     Using the dryer

The process took about an hour, didn’t turn out as well as the love seat.     

Celebrating with dinner!  Allan used a new tenderloin recipe.  It’s a keeper


The absolute best part of today though…


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