March 25th

Blue Ox tow bar is rusting, shouldn’t be.  Allan calls, they agreed to send us a new bar, but they are in the States.  Will we be faced with cross border duty and taxes.  We also have to hire someone to re&re.

We decide to try some Tremglad Rust Paint.  Off we go to get a wire brush, paint brush and paint.   No they do not reimburse these expenses,  grrrr

I’m reading the paper so Allan hunkers down on his new stool from Amazon to paint.

Hum “Allan, what happened to the back of your sweatshirt?”The stool was not ready to be mounted and bucked Allan.  Stone dust, galore! I pretty pleased Allan do a reenactment, for some reason he refused.   (only his pride was injured)

Helicopters were the halfway act during Allan’s painting performance

Very nice!

Allan being so hands on today opts for Keto Pizza for dinner 🙂


Can you solve this?










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