Tuesday, January 01, 2019

We spent a quiet day because tonight is showtime! Zumanity Cirque du Soleil, in New York New York Casino.

Chef Allan makes us a delicious breakfast, complete with his famous Caesar beverage and beer 🙂  Chef Ramsay beware!!

The show was entertaining, fun, lots of laughs even saw 2 near naked ladies swimming in a fish bowl.

Now for after the show dinner.  We see a Ginseng Korean BBQ off the strip.  We enter and quickly determine it must be authentic as we are the only non Koreans. We stumble through ordering as there is a language barrier but do surprisingly well. They put scissors on the table, I say “She forgot her scissors isn’t that weird?” Turns out the scissors are used to cut the meat. Chop sticks don’t come with knives!

Food was delicious, restaurant a great find.   All in all a fabulous day!

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